CCTV System

We can give you facility to observe your asset from your home at very competitive price.
You can protect your belongings using CCTV very efficiently.

Vehicle monitoring

A camera mounted at the entrance to the area will enable you to monitor and record all vehicles, with their numberplates, twenty-four hours a day. This is used at a number of locations to deter armed robbery and undesirables from entering. Should they persist in doing so you will have a record of when they entered.

Car park

Car theft is growing at an alarming speed. Although sites are not generally liable for guest's cars, if a car is damaged or stolen a guest may not feel like returning in the future. We can install a camera system that will cover your car park 365 days a year at a fraction of the cost of employing a foot patrol.

Gaming & Vending Machines

Gaming, vending and cigarette machines can be a frequent target for the criminal element. These can be adequately protected by the use of CCTV. At one site we placed a hidden camera where these were regularly being broken into with the result that the thief was caught within a few days.

Reception Areas & bars

As receptionists are open to anything from abuse to armed attack we have installed cameras on some sites to give a clear view of everyone standing at the counter. This not only gives a visual record of people as they arrive on site but also acts as a deterrent to criminal or abusive behaviour. Also see the section below on staff fraud.

Cash Rooms

A camera placed within the cash room can deter armed attack or unauthorised staff entry, while a camera outside the cash room can give the staff inside a view not only of who is opposite the door (as does a peephole) but also anyone else in the general area.


This is increasingly an area for consideration, especially as most trade magazines estimate retail shrinkage to be in the region of 2-3½% of turnover (This may translate to 20+% of profits). See section What every retailer needs to know!

Swimming Pools

Systems can be used to detect unauthorised visitors entering the site and using the pool or to make sure that recreational assistants are doing their job and not simply congregating at a single point for a chat. Cameras can also be used on your behalf to ensure that health and safety policy is adhered to in areas that cannot be directly observed.

Staff theft & fraud

Cellars and kitchens can be covered to deter and detect any staff theft. It is a sad fact that up to 60% of shrinkage from retail premises is now believed to be staff related. See Cash Scan to protect your cash registers.


We have completed extensive integrated installations for a number of trust and private hospitals as well as having been used extensively for writing CCTV specifications for Health Authorities.
(Under access control)

Access Management System

Access Management system enables you to manage your business process very confidently with less troubles.

Vehicle Access Management System

You can maintain your organization’s car park with access control system. System keep the records of each vehicle IN/OUT time automatically. It will avoid you to control the over time claimed by the drivers.

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