Asset Management
You can increase your organization profit by properly managed asset.

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Every organization must allocate the asset in much efficient & effectively in order achieve the sustain profitability. Sustainability can be achieved through competitive advantage which has unique to each organization. Proper asset management methodology is the key success to achieve competitive advantage.

The first priority of any asset management process is to identify the company’s ‘assets’ or resources. Once these are identified, the we can then focus on the business process or, in other words, understand the functioning of the tangible or non-tangible assets, which can be any of the following.

Preparing the monetary investment portfolios is an important aspect of asset management. The investment portfolios give a clear picture of the income- expenditure ratio, as well as the financial status of a company. Based on the study, the asset management team can remove deficiencies, or modify the investment structure to maximize returns.

Property, plant, and equipment are the tangible assets of the company. Asset management involves the study and analysis of the actual property on which the plant is built and all the equipment that is required to run the business. Plant and equipment need effective management. Their depreciation values needs to be studied. Their analysis helps the team to arrive at a decision whether to repair or replace machinery in order to reduce running costs.

Human Resources include the non-tangible resources of the company. Managing human resources involves studying individuals, departments,divisions, planning for improvement of skills, improving comfort level and security, and, thereby evolving a policy for maximum output by the employees.
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